Aivaras Stepukonis - Happy you

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(I) wanna show to you alone
The world around us high and low
Glowing stars and dancing moon
Happy I ’cause happy you

Close your eyes and make a wish
Could it be a scorching kiss?
You’re my sweetest mountain dew
Happy I ’cause happy you

For our dreams come true
They always do

Watching the sunrise, beautiful red skies
Hoping this day will never end
Singing a love song with a perfect rhyme
A song of love composed for you

Love brings passion, love brings joy
Love brings riches we enjoy
All is wonder, all is new
Happy I ’cause happy you

For our dreams come true…

Watching the sunrise
Babe, it looks great!
Singing a love song
Babe, it sounds great! dle 10.4 win-1251Forex matrade .

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